5 Creative Products… The Cat Issue

So for some reason I was really focused on cats today, so I chose to do a cat issue of the weekly 5 Creative Products blog post.

No. 1 – Cat Walkway/Bookshelf

I’m not sure how practical this would be in real life, as the books might constantly be knocked off, but what if that huge bookshelf you had along your wall was designed to allow your cat to interact as well! It would probably be more entertaining than anything, but that’s probably the point.

No. 2 – The Cat Crib – a hammock for your feline friend

So this one is maybe a little more useful. It allows you to make use of that empty space underneath your chair or coffee table as a comfortable resting place for your cat. While it doesn’t solve world hunger, or wouldn’t stop an arms race, it might at least unclutter your living room.

No. 3 – Bent Wood Cat Perch

Wondering what to do with that blank wall in your recently finished basement? This is a wall piece that could do the trick. Not only does it showcase interesting bent wood construction, it gives your feline friend a comfortable place to rest, without tearing up your sofa! It also can be used in a modular fashion, by using them in a pattern and allowing for a sort of jungle gym for your beloved pets.

No. 4 – A Modern-Style Cat Bed

This is for the cat that likes to lounge in luxury and style. The modern form and clean lines will make your cat the envy of the town. It combines a comfortable lounge space with convenient food bowls, which is the closest a cat can get to breakfast in bed.


No. 5 – The Cat Cocoon

The genius of this design lies in its recyclable and non-permanent nature. Cats like to scratch, so why not give them something that will allow them to do so without causing harm to the rest of your furniture? Additionally, since it is made of cardboard, it shouldn’t be too expensive to reproduce or replace. It’s an interesting piece that looks nice enough to have a spot in your main living space, and will give your cat more than a simple cat bed would.



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